Social Business: Collaboration comes of age

Deloitte Consulting: The application of social business systems and practices is facilitating discovery and creating connections across the enterprise. It is also radically changing the way we think about core business strategies and goals. It makes real-time collaboration on tasks and documents possible, and provides a systematic view of who knows who, who knows what, […]

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em – Jaiku

Yes, I’ve signed up to Jaiku. For those that aren’t aware, internet presence awareness tools such as Twitter and Jaiku have been around for about 6-9 months now, providing a means to tell others on the ‘net what you’re up to, thinking, involved in etc, either via a web browser or your mobile phone. You can also sign up to view other peoples messages (“Tweets” in Twitters terminology) so you can keep track of others too.