My expertise lies in what I considers to be the three key factors in any Social Business project – Adoption, Culture and Technology.

It is at the intersection of these factors that any organisation can gain the most value and affect the greatest change in the productivity of its individual workers, teams, communities and as a whole.


Providing the most innovative leading-edge best-of-breed technology is pointless unless it gets used! Deployment without adoption is akin to building a mound of used dollar or pound notes and setting alight to it.

Individuals need to be helped to see the value in the tools, to be trained how to use them, to be rewarded and recognised for their input and achievements, to encourage others and to return time and time again. I can help you ensure that your organisation’s technology investments are not wasted, but instead maximised through strategic adoption planning.


Culture, or more accurately Cultural Change Management, is the second piece of the Social Business jigsaw. Adoption of tools and the provision of new technology will help individuals and teams to see some of the benefits of this new Social approach.

However, in order to generate the most value from Social Business, and to ensure that there is no ‘back-slide’ towards information solos and ‘knowledge hoarding’, then the organisation’s executives and managers must also recognise the transformation being made and the requirement for the organisation’s culture to adjust to support it.


It is no accident that technology comes last on this list. In so many cases it is the first item on the agenda when thinking about Social Business, the key decision to be made, and the one where the vast majority of investment dollars are spent. In my view technology is definitely important, but needs to be balanced with adoption and culture in order to ensure success.

Whatever stage your organisation is at in your Social Business transformation, my technology skills can help. Whether its to assist with the evaluation between vendors’ products and services, the design and planning of the architecture, the design of the user experience, the integration of relevant applications and services, or in customisation to suit your requirements and culture, I can make a significant difference to the success of your project.