Image:BleedYellow IM Groups

BleedYellow IM Groups

The Sametime community is rapidly becoming an essential part of my day-to-day communication arsenal, especially if the IBM external community is ever down (which of course is never the case!).

To add it to your Sametime or integrated Sametime within Notes, here are the details:
Server name:
User name and password: Your BleedYellow-registered email and password.  Go to to register if you haven’t already
The server supports both port 1533 (the standard Sametime port) and HTTP if your firewall requires it.

However, the point of this post.  To add contacts to your buddy list, you have a number of options:
1) If you know the name of the contact, click Add contact, choose the BleedYellow community and search by their name.  Makes sense, eh?    But this takes a number of clicks per person and takes an age for a large number of contacts.
2) Add a Sametime group, which adds a large number of users in one ago, means you don’t have to worry about getting spellings etc. right, and only shows you who is online at any moment.  I much prefer this options if it is available!

So, for BleedYellow, there are three ST groups worth caring about, “YellowBleeders” (all members of the im.bleedyellow community), “IBMers” (all users with * email addresses) and “Lotus911” (internal users that work for Lotus911):
Image:BleedYellow IM Groups
(You’ll see I still have a few contacts acted manually too).  To add any of these groups, do the following in your Sametime client:
1) File/New/Group, then Search for a public group
Image:BleedYellow IM Groups
2) Select the BleedYellow community and type the first few characters of the group name mentioned above, then search:
Image:BleedYellow IM Groups
3) Click OK and you’re done.
4) If you then expand the group you’ve just added, you’ll see that all the logged-in members of that group are dynamically displayed:
Image:BleedYellow IM Groups
Much better!

Apologies if this is teaching my granny to suck eggs, but most of the users I deal with don’t know about adding groups in Sametime, so I thought it was worth pointing out…

Once again, thanks to the Lotus911 team for this excellent resource.