Blogging 365

New Year, New Start and all that…  Looking back, there’s no doubt that my blogging output has fallen away over the past few years as other forms of social contribution have risen (podcasts, Twitter, enterprise communities), and I want 2017 to be different.  I love that blog posts are the one form of created content […]

’Blogging is largely dead’

Great quotes by the always interesting Jason Calacanis: “Blogging is largely dead.” “There are a lot of stupid people out there … and stupid people shouldn’t write.” “There needs to be a better system for tuning down the stupid people and tuning up the smart people.” He goes on to describe a new phase of […]

A plea to Lotus bloggers!

Please, oh please… Enable full posts in your RSS feed!!! Especially if your blog is one of those published on PlanetLotus! I can perhaps have a teeny weeny bit of understanding for using truncated posts if your blog bandwidth usage is a critical issue for you, or if your financial viability depends on getting readers […]

Google Analytics (Urchin) available to download

Many of you that run your own Domino blogs will already be aware of Google Analytics – a free online service to provide high-quality statistics on web site traffic.  I have used it for my blogs and other sites for 18 months or so, and really couldn’t imagine life without it. Well, Analytics came into […]

Scaling back…

I was beginning to think along these lines anyway, but Matt Wood over at Merlin’s great 43Folders productivity site says it really well… This is the time of the year for everybody to make lame, half-hearted resolutions about how they’re going to lead a better life in the new year: lose weight, stop smoking, eat […]