Oli Heinz

My favourite people

I adore this montage from ‪IBMConnectED 2015‬! So many awesome friends and colleagues. Thanks to Oliver Heinz for taking such great photos and to Panagenda for sharing.

IBM Connect Day 0: The Community One

Saturday at IBM Connect.  It’s all about the people, man… The conference proper starts on Sunday, but there is no doubt that Saturday is one of the key days of the week for me, and the reason why I fly out on Friday (and thanks for allowing me do that, Philippa!).  From soccer to Mai […]

Make your mind up… (Community platforms)

I appreciate the willingness of so many IBMers to be social and collaborate with those outside the organisation. I love the way that they will go beyond the call of duty and step in to help with issues or discussions.  I adore that so many are willing to find information and share it privately or […]

IBM Collaboration Solutions Community Webcast

If you don’t take part in the monthly IBM Collaboration Solutions monthly community webcasts then you are really missing out.  Run by the wonderful Joyce Davis, they’re great opportunities to catch up the latest news regarding ICS/Lotus products, to hear from those active in the community and to have an opportunity to feed back on […]

Growing the IBM Connections community

We’d been having a few debates online over the past few months about how to grow the IBM Connections community. It’s already pretty strong, and has definitely grown in size as new versions of the technology have been shipped by IBM – the number of practitioners working with Connections 3.0.1 is a world away from […]

An issue with custom themes and communities

I have had a PMR open for some time relating to a bit of a known issue with Custom themes and Connections communities. There was an issue where you would create a custom theme : In my case I also customised the coloured community themes also: When clicking on forums, blogs etc the theme was […]

“Today we sold…” Please don’t do it!

Folks, whilst I admire your efforts to prove that Lotus software is still being purchased by customers, please can you consider refraining from phrasing your posts as “selling” Lotus? This falls into a trap that Lotus sales folks often slide into – focusing on the license sale, not the value delivered by your solutions. What […]

Community Lounge

The organisers of the Web2.0 Expo event coming up soon in Berlin have just announced that they are making a lounge available for community events: Community Lounge Web 2.0 Expo Europe is the gathering place for the European community and beyond to come together and discuss what’s happening, and what’s about to happen, on the […]