The 70:20:10 model – how adults learn 90% of what they need to know

Interesting post on the Conferences That Work blog: Research indicates that informal learning—experiential, social, and self-directed—makes up about 90% of the learning modalities that professionals use today. Only 10% of adult learning uses formal classroom or meeting presentation learning formats. This ratio of experiential:peer/self-directed:formal learning is known as the 70:20:10 rule. Here’s a quick overview […]

Web 2.0 Expo Europe

For anyone interested in Web 2.0 or social software (e.g. Lotus Connections) and based here in Europe, this is definitely a conference to attend.  Organised by O’Reilly and TechWeb, Web 2.0 Expo aims to be THE event to attend for: designers and developers, product managers, entrepreneurs, VCs, marketers, business strategists and anyone passionate about creating […]