IBM Connections Mobile app for android

One of the best parts of IBM Connections is the fabulous mobile application for android and iOS. But as all software in the world out there has bugs also this one consists of bugs. Last week with close working with IBM Support we have eliminated one more. So I wanted to share with you guys what the specific requirements are to have this problem.

Android offers to encrypts its internal/external memoryandroid encrypt (see screenshot).

As soon you have the medium in your android device encrypted where the IBM Connections mobile app is also on installed you encounter this problem.


When you have attachments in activities (for instance an microsoft document) and you want to open that document in the activity on your mobile device it would normally opened in the application which is coupled to that type of document. (most user use polaris office as that is a free app in the google play store.)


But you will see as soon you have and encrypted device it won’t work anymore. This has been identified by IBM and will be fixed in version 4.7.8 of the IBM Connections mobile app for android. The Estimated Time of Arrival of this version is end of this month.