Sandy Carter: Social Business lessons for Education

Many of you will have seen IBM’s Sandy Carter presenting her Social Business Coffee Break series of videos on YouTube.  The series provides a good run through of Social Business concepts and case studies in the form of short sharp presentations that can be easily viewed whilst enjoying a beverage of your choice.  If you […]

Get Social. Build Apps. But first, Get Educated!

Some super ‘on demand’ webcasts from IBM.  Definitely worth watching if you want to transfer your development skills to the Social Business arena: IBM Social Business Application Development Webcasts Register now to view the webcasts, visit booths and ask questions to the Experts. The Social Application Model- Charlie Hill, Social Business CTO at IBM Collaboration Solutions, […]


This is why I love my kids being educated at home (or sometimes ‘educating themselves at home’).  My wife, Philippa, blogged the following today: When I woke up this morning, I could hear the rain on the windows and I was actually quite pleased.  It’s a funny sort of sound; comforting in it’s way.  It […]


Most folks reading this will only know me from my presence on the blogs (QuickrBlog, ConnectionsBlog, WCMBlog etc.) and social networking forums (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.) – especially given my non-attendance at LS08 (have I mentioned that before?!). Whilst I try to attend as many events as I can, as you know it isn’t always […]