Stop sending me attachments!! Part 2: the analysis…

So there are many reasons why people have their habits (part 1), not least in the product they use in their daily work life. So in part 2 I will explore the technology angle and look for causes why tools are the way they are and why a seamless integrated platform is harder then it looks. […]

Stop sending me attachments!!

Introduction Before I begin, let’s first introduce myself. My name is Robert van den Breemen. I am working as an Enterprise IT Architect for over 15 years in a large Dutch government department. I am passionate about technology and the effect it has on the way people work. As the lead in the Digital Workspace […]

Email – Searching beats filing. IBM says so

Fascinating paper from IBM Research, ‘Am I wasting my time organizing email? A study of email refinding.’: We all spend time every day looking for information in our email, yet we know little about this refinding process. Some users expend considerable  preparatory  effort  creating complex folder structures to promote effective refinding. However modern email clients […]

About to send an email? Check this list

About to send an email or do a Reply To All?  Seth Godin suggests you don’t: Three years ago this week, I posted this checklist, in the naive hope that it would eliminate (or perhaps merely reduce) the ridiculous CC-to-all emails about the carpool, the fake-charity forwards, the ALL CAPS yelling and the stupid PR […]

R.I.P. E-Mail, 1961-2010

E-mail is dead. It died surrounded by friends, family, corporate networks, hackers and users from all over the world. Its survivors include SMS Text Messaging, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, BlackBerry messaging, iPhone’s Facetime and dozens of collaboration applications. More >