Taking Collaboration to the Next Level

Ovum Butler Group have just produced an interesting free paper on ‘Collaboration 2.0’ which includes a detailed and accurate analysis of IBM’s offerings in this area.  Download it from here, registration required. I particularly like the last couple of paragraphs of the paper: IBM’s Enterprise 2.0 solution offerings are among the most mature and sophisticated […]

Trust and change

Jon Mell comments on the cultural and organisational change required to truly embrace Enterprise2.0: [Enterprise 2.0] will require more and more “knowledge workers” – people who don’t follow an administrative business process to do their jobs but rely on their experiences, professionalism and networks to add value to their organisations – or, as recently described […]

What is “Enterprise2.0”?

Is anyone else struggling with this? The term “Enterprise2.0” is being thrown with abandon just recently, with everyone from analysts through vendors to the print media starting to adopt the term.  Well what does it really mean? I’ve done some searching to try to come up with a definition I can use with my customers, […]