Using recent versions of Firefox with iNotes 8.5.3 and 9.0

This issue has recently come up with a customer that uses our SocialCloud Messaging solution (that’s cloud-based iNotes in simple terms)…

Updates made to Firefox, starting in Firefox 15, result in iNotes no longer working as expected. Firefox has removed support for signed scripts, and several iNotes features use signed scripts. Because signed scripts no longer execute, several features in iNotes that use signed scripts no longer work.

– URLs in text are not automatically converted into hotlinks in a message when mail, calendar events, or to do’s are sent or saved

– The failure of the URL conversion to complete results in the Send and Save action buttons in Mail, Calendar events, or To Do’s not working. None of these documents can be sent or saved.

– Attachments cannot be added to mail messages

Users were unable to send mail in iNotes using Firefox 24 in our case, when Chrome, IE and Safari were working fine.

The solution?

Enter the following server console commands:

set config iNotes_WA_FirefoxSignedScript

restart task http

This disables the use of SignedScripts when using Firefox and thus enables the older DHTML user interface for certain operations.  Problem solved!