Upgraded to Flock 2.0b1 | Flock

Firefox3 is just so… yesterday!

Flock v2 beta has been released, based on FF3 technology:

Upgraded to Flock 2.0b1 | Flock

Now you can have the best of BOTH worlds!

Flock 2 includes all of the award-winning Flock features that people are raving about, PLUS all of the enhancements introduced by the latest FireFox 3 technology from Mozilla.

    * New and improved security features – better!
    * Enhanced performance – faster!
    * Robust favorites and history handling – stronger!

Download it here.

Image:Flock 1.0 released - Get Flocked...

Flock 1.0 released – Get Flocked…

I have blogged about Flock on several occasions in the past – it has been my favoured web browser on all platforms for at least 18 months or so.  In fact I think I heard about the Flock project on the Inside the Net podcast back in December 2005.  

I’ve always loved its cross-platform support, its integration with del.icio.us for shared (and sync’d) bookmarks, its upload to and support for Flickr, its blog editor and more recently its integration with Facebook and Twitter. It really is the swiss-army knife of browsers, but does it all with an ease of use and look n feel that others have not yet reached.  It is possibly a little slower that Safari in day to day use but more than makes up for that in its feature set.

Image:Flock 1.0 released - Get Flocked...

Well, today Flock 1.0 finally went gold, so if you haven’t yet tried it, give it a go now.  You won’t regret it!