How to stop FeedBurner from uglifying your clean URLs

I’ve had to do this a few times in the past, so found myself googling it again this morning when I was updating some feeds… If you use a Feedburner feed to allow others to receive posts from your blog or site, you may see URLs like this come through: [box color=”gray”][/box] So what causes […]

Managing Macs at Google Scale

Google has one of the largest managed fleets of Macintosh computers in the world. With tens of thousands of assets to manage and an ever-changing security landscape, the organization has had to develop many of its own tools to effectively maintain its fleet and keep its end-users safe and productive. Macintosh Operations is the internal […]

Why did Microsoft think this was a good idea?

It’s one thing to design a marketing campaign around attacking one of your competitors’ business practice (personally I don’t think that’s a great idea in itself), yet another to launch a range of merchandise advertising that campaign. Does it make me think badly of Google?  Nope, along with what I believe is the vast majority […]

Use Google Docs? You might want to read this…

Received this in the mail today: Google Apps: Important changes coming to published Google Docs Hello Google Apps admin, We wanted to let you know about some important changes around published documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. In a few weeks, documents, spreadsheets and presentations that have been explicitly published outside your organization and are linked to […]

Google increases UK price for Google Apps Premier

Headline:  Google ups the cost of its SaaS offering by a massive 32% due to the weakness of the UK Pound!! The backstory: Google Apps Premier is still only 33GBP per year 😉 We’re writing to let you know about a pricing change to Google Apps Premier Edition. Google reviews prices on a quarterly basis, […]