Communardo AdContext Widgets for IBM Connections

I found some interesting widgets for IBM Connections today, by a German business partner called Communardo.

First the description (translated by Google):

The widgets are practical enhancements for IBM Connections and are characterized by the fact that they:

  • deal with communities featuring blogs and wikis
  • offer community users a structure based intranet
  • allow quick access to important content
The user can:

Filter your content by tags

  • to obtain an overview of your project communities
  • to see blog posts with status messages

Filter content by author

  • to directly access the contents of certain authors

Embed the widget on your homepage

  • direct access to your most important content to see new content immediately

This demo shows the functionality well:

I can see these being really useful widgets to add to the homepage for every user to allow them to filter their own specific content that they need to see everyday.

Personally I tend to disable the Widgets page by default on every new install to try get users to focus on the activity stream which is becoming the defacto discovery tool within Connections, so I’d add this widget to the Update page instead.

Otherwise, worth a look if it hits one of your organisation’s requirements.