River flowing

That river’s flowing…

No matter what we do, or how focused or mindful we are, the time just keeps passing doesn’t it? As the great Peter Gabriel once sung: Whatever may come and whatever may go that river’s flowing that river’s flowing (Linking to the ’94 version with Paula Cole – my personal favourite version of an amazing song…) […]

Jive Software named as #2 best company to work for in the UK

There were few companies in the world that could have tempted me back into permanent employment, and I was really happy to join Jive Software almost 6 months ago. I’ve loved my experience of the organisation so far – the culture and workstyle mixes damn hard work with fun, humour, camaraderie and great support from […]

Jive Chime logo

It’s time to Chime!

After many months of following the progress of Jive Chime, first as a partner and prospective customer, and then as a member of the Jive team, it’s exciting to be helping to get the word out about a brand spanking new social communication product! So what is Jive Chime? Jive Chime is a messaging app that lets […]

Modern jive sketch

Time to learn a new dance…

I love my job. Seriously. I know that’s a cliché, but honestly, I love what I do. Since early 2008 when I started Collaboration Matters (which morphed into Social 365 back in 2012), I’ve been privileged to have the opportunity to consult for some of the most insightful and forward-looking organisations around the globe.  7 straight […]