Bruce Elgort

A true Champion #ThanksBruce

Bruce Elgort
Bruce Elgort (© Volker Weber)

So, Bruce Elgort has stepped down as Chairman of OpenNTF… Thus a curtain comes down on an era.

I first met Bruce in person out in Dublin at ILUG  in 2008 2007.  I remember it well (though not the year, clearly!).

As I walked into the hotel lobby to check in for the conference, it was as a complete unknown and I was incredibly nervous.  Bruce was sat with the lovely Gayle and a number of other well known characters from around the community. Before I’d even had a chance to drop my bags, there was a shout of ‘Stuart, how are you man?‘.  Not just a polite introduction for a shy newcomer, but a big bear hug of a welcome from this incredibly warm, open and generous guy who had only ever known of me from blog posts and the like.  Within the next few minutes I had been introduced to Paul, Matt, Julian and many others. In so many ways, that was the first day of my new career in the Lotus space, and looking back, I owe Bruce a great debt of gratitude.

Since then, Bruce and I have become close friends. We certainly do not agree on everything that goes on in this world of IBM Collaboration (we have some fairly robust discussions at times), but I have huge respect for all that Bruce has achieved, all that he has inspired or led, all those that he has helped to introduce or bring on, and for the manner in which he has gone about both his work and the social side of things.

So ‘Thanks Bruce‘, for OpenNTF, Taking Notes, IdeaJam and for so many other contributions to this wonderful community of ours.  As I am sad to lose your leadership in the OpenNTF movement, I am truly excited to see you go on to lead so many others in your role at Clark College.  I have no doubt that in the future many of your students will look back as I have and recognise you as a key inspiration in their careers.