The community now has a hashtag for IBM Connections

Niklas Heidloff and the team at OpenNTF recently raised the question of which hashtag should be used for IBM Connections development-related posts and tweets. It’s a very fair question, after all having an agreed common hashtag that is used on relevant posts makes it much easier for advocates and newcomers alike to find and follow Connections-related content.  Given […]

Growing the IBM Connections community

We’d been having a few debates online over the past few months about how to grow the IBM Connections community. It’s already pretty strong, and has definitely grown in size as new versions of the technology have been shipped by IBM – the number of practitioners working with Connections 3.0.1 is a world away from […]

LinkedIn announce the launch of sub-groups

An interesting announcement from LinkedIn: There are now over 300,000 groups on LinkedIn where professionals are discussing, sharing news and collaborating with each other. We sincerely appreciate your dedication to the LinkedIn group you manage. Your efforts are essential to the continued success of groups. We’re happy to announce that later this week we are […]

LinkedIn gets a makeover

My favourite business-focused Web2.0 social networking site, LinkedIn, has received a much needed makeover: The site has had a nice facelift, added personal photos (making it much more personal), and they have added some new functionality.  The design is clean, crisp, and has a ‘widgetty’ feel (almost Portal like) to it. I like it. If […]