Rebranding – to the faintly ridiculous…

Early in 2012, IBM announced rebranding of our service, from LotusLive to IBM SmartCloud for Social Business. This quarter, we are announcing the next phase of the rebranding — changing the service domain itself. From: * To: *

75 percent

ZDnet in an article entitled ‘IBM’s social enterprise plan: Meld collaboration, processes with dash of Watson‘: [Jeff] Schick said 75 percent of Connections customers are not Lotus Notes customers.

IBM tidies Collaboration Solutions product line

One in a while IBM takes a scalpel to the set of products it sells and adjusts the offerings that are marketed to new customers. That’s just part of the cycle of product management…  The changes haven’t been communicated particularly broadly (though they are mentioned on the Greenhouse), so I thought it was worth a […]

Different technology, same values

A Lotus Notes ad from the R5 days, circa 1999: ‘I am ready‘, ‘I am connected‘, ‘I am not alone‘, ‘The power to work the way you want‘, ‘Share work and ideas‘ and so on… This was describing Collaboration, Messaging and Workflow software from 13 years ago, but could so easily be describing the impact […]

Lotus Notes advertised at Dublin Airport

Shame it had to be in a Nokia advert for an already obsolete mobile OS… Seriously though, it is good to see Nokia putting Traveler/Notes in the same list as key social apps like Facebook and Skype. It makes me wonder whether IBM should be committing to Windows Phone 7 just to maintain that relationship? […]

Here’s why ’the plan’ is important

I was having a fascinating and frank discussion with an IBMer this morning, who’s views on the Lotus brand are pretty much diametrically opposite to mine (he doesn’t care for it, I have close to 20 years of loyalty).  I appreciate that as it means we can debate topics back and forth. This is a […]

The long goodbye continues

[Both Chris and Volker have covered this topic already, so read their posts before reading this one] You may be aware that I have been pressing IBM for a ‘plan’ regarding the re-branding of Lotus products and the future of both the Lotus name and the products we know and love (Domino, Notes, Traveler, Quickr […]

So what is ’the Lotus community’?

Seth Godin makes some important distinctions: An organization uses structure and resources and power to make things happen. Organizations hire people, issue policies, buy things, erect buildings, earn market share and get things done. Your company is probably an organization. A movement has an emotional heart. A movement might use an organization, but it can […]

Lotus Sametime loses its Lotus – so IBM, what’s the plan?

OK, now I’m really concerned… IBM Lotus Forms IBM Lotus Web Content Management IBM Lotus Connections now IBM Lotus Sametime The Lotus crown jewels are starting to be blue-rinsed.  Given that Sametime has become IBM-badged, I have no doubt that Notes and Domino will eventually follow.  The Lotus brand is clearly being wiped off the […]

IBM gets the need for short memorable URLs (finally!)

A message from the lovely Joyce Davis: If only we could have shortened the time it took to actually accomplish this… => Learn Lotus => Wikis listing page => Documentation listing page => Mobile wiki As someone that has been hammering on about shorter Lotus URLs for a while (sorry!), I […]

What do you want from the next release of Lotus Notes & Domino?

The IBM/Lotus quality team are asking for your feedback on Notes and Domino consumability: About the ND NEXT Consumability Survey As IBM works on the NEXT version of Lotus Notes and Domino the team would like input regarding your experiences with version 8.5.x, the latest shipping release of Notes and Domino.     Kindly take […]

Will we ever see another ad campaign like this?

As we close in on Lotusphere 2011, I’m pondering… Will we ever see an IBM/Lotus ad campaign to match this one?  One that captures the imagination of the general public?  You know, one that get’s IBM/Lotus into the public consciousness in the way that Google and Microsoft are? Lotus Knows was a great first step… […]

So IBM does get Academia

You may remember than a couple of weeks ago, I posted about Atlassian’s great programme for higher education, their ‘classroom option’. At the time, I lamented that IBM did not have something similar, and concluded with: So, IBM, here’s the gauntlet thrown down… By the time we discuss this at Lotusphere 2011, how about we […]

Lotus Forms 3.5 gets upgraded to 4.0, and becomes…

IBM Forms! IBM Forms 4.0 provides a compelling interactive user interface and lower total cost of ownership for automating forms-based processes IBM Forms 4.0 helps line of business as well as IT users to automate forms-based processes. It is designed to help deliver the following benefits: Compelling, interactive user experience through new modern look and […]

Follow the Lotus ’advanced collaboration’ products on Twitter

An update from Jacques Pavlenyi: Many of you have already been following the IBM collaboration solutions team through various Twitter IDs.  I wanted to quickly update you on our latest Twitter presence: @LotusConnection – official Twitter ID for the IBM Lotus Connections team.  Yes, I know the last “s” was left off (omit “savings” joke […]

Joined-up Thinking

Sometimes IBM does things that surprise me – occasionally that’s a very bad thing, I’ll admit. More often, it’s because they make changes that show they are really thinking about how to make their products better and showcase the benefits that are available to organisations and their users. A case in point is the latest […]

Making it easier to find the Lotus product wikis

I don’t know about you, but I love the Lotus product wikis – they’re becoming treasure troves of useful information voluntarily entered by both IBMers and members of the community.  As the ‘barrier to entry’ of content submission is much lower than with the Lotus Infocenters, more relevant content gets added, kept up to date […]

The yellow boxing gloves are back!

Two new press releases have been published by IBM this morning, taking the fight to Microsoft. The first focuses on the success of Lotus Foundations against Microsoft’s Small Business Server: 200+ Microsoft Partners Per Month Flocking to Sell IBM Lotus Foundations Appliance ARMONK, N.Y. — June 4, 2009 — Facing waning demand for Microsoft products, […]

What’s the story, Lotus?

There’s been lots of chat on the blogs and on Twitter these past few weeks regarding Lotus marketing and advertising. To a large extent, I’ve been trying to stay out of the conversations – I’m no marketeer and IBM (as a multi-billion dollar organisation) should have the experience and talent to get their messages right […]