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T’was ten years ago… (Lotus Connections & Quickr)

Unfortunately I’ve just missed the actual anniversary, but I thought it worth celebrating that this week marks a decade since the announcement (on 22nd January 2007) of two products that have had an immense impact on my working life, Lotus IBM Connections and Lotus Quickr.

Sad Mat Newman

Missing Lotusphere (IBM ConnectED)

It’s about this time of year that thoughts in the IBM/Lotus community traditionally turn to Orlando, to the Dolphin & Swan hotels, and to IBM’s major collaboration and social business event of the year. From Lotusphere to IBM Connect to this year’s IBM ConnectED, the name hasn’t mattered too much (I still think of it as […]

Missed Lotusphere 2012? Some tips on catching up

If you missed Lotusphere this year, you may be wondering how you can catch up on all the news? Well obviously there’s plenty of blogs (not least that you can read.  The presentations are also gradually being uploaded into the Lotusphere community on the Greenhouse. However, you could also listen to a series of […]