Last minute request for assistance – US 3G SIM card?

I’ve tweeted this request a few times but not got a useful answer as yet. I’m lucky enough to have a unlocked 3G/HSDPA ExpressCard modem which I can use worldwide (great deal from Expansys by the way). Unfortunately my operator in the UK, T-Mobile, insists on charging GBP7.50 ($11 or something) per Megabyte (!!!!!!) for […]

Presenting at Lotusphere 2010!

I am delighted (and very honoured) to say that I have been selected to co-present a session at Lotusphere 2010. Rob Wunderlich and I will be presenting: “Twelve Things Your Mother Never Told You About Installing Lotus Connections” It’s a case of the “bark is worse than the bite.” Installing Lotus Connections – admittedly – […]