Last minute request for assistance – US 3G SIM card?

I’ve tweeted this request a few times but not got a useful answer as yet.

I’m lucky enough to have a unlocked 3G/HSDPA ExpressCard modem which I can use worldwide (great deal from Expansys by the way). Unfortunately my operator in the UK, T-Mobile, insists on charging GBP7.50 ($11 or something) per Megabyte (!!!!!!) for data use in the USA.  Errr thanks, but no thanks!  They don’t no any kind of roaming bundle for the US, nor have any relationship with T-Mobile USA that would mean I could get a US-based SIM card whilst out there.  And mobile operators wonder why they are disliked so much!

So, wonderful Lotus folks, I need some help…

Can anyone recommend a US-based GSM SIM card (no modem required) deal that includes a bundle of 3G data (say 1GB+) on a prepaid or pay-as-you-go basis?  Ideally one that I could order online for delivery to my Lotusphere hotel.

Your help would be much appreciated!

Presenting at Lotusphere 2010!

I am delighted (and very honoured) to say that I have been selected to co-present a session at Lotusphere 2010.

Rob Wunderlich and I will be presenting:

“Twelve Things Your Mother Never Told You About Installing Lotus Connections”

It’s a case of the “bark is worse than the bite.” Installing Lotus Connections – admittedly – is a complex process, with many pre-requisites to be met, environment-specific decisions to be taken and almost endless opportunities for customization and integration. It might appear daunting at first. But this session will make it a whole lot easier!

Rob and Stuart will use our in-depth real-world experience of installing Connections at many organizations in the USA and Europe to explore a dozen lesser-known details of the installation process that are key to successful deployment. We’ll show tips and tricks, “cheat sheets,” install checklists and share the stuff that isn’t in the manual. Priceless resources! Stuff even mom never told you!

Part of the Best Practices track, the session promises to be fast-paced and 100% based on our own experience of deploying Connections for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

If you’re interested in finding out the truth about implementing Lotus Connections 2.5, you know the place to be!