Stop sending me attachments! Part 3: but how?

So after exploring the reasons why users still send e-mail (part 1) and trying to analyse the reasons why people have not changed their ways and how products have not helped the people either (part 2). In this third and last part of the essay present six idea’s to fix the fact that people don’t just […]

Stop sending me attachments!!

Introduction Before I begin, let’s first introduce myself. My name is Robert van den Breemen. I am working as an Enterprise IT Architect for over 15 years in a large Dutch government department. I am passionate about technology and the effect it has on the way people work. As the lead in the Digital Workspace […]

Thoughts from the Apple keynote – best-of-breed email

Did you see the new slick Mail client built into OS X Lion?   I love the new conversations view: So here’s my thought… Wouldn’t it be great if Lotus Domino supported non-Notes email and calendaring in a modern way such that users could choose to use their own choice of client in a sophisticated […]