Image:Metaverses make the mainstream

Metaverses make the mainstream

Well, this was unexpected…  Up early on a Saturday morning, watching BBC news whilst enjoying the first caffeine infusion of the day, and what pops up on the TV?  Second Life – in fact a 5-10 minute piece on the merits of metaverses – all on mainstream British TV.  
Image:Metaverses make the mainstream
It even included an IBMer, Holly Stewarts, adding her view on why metaverses have the potential to be so useful:

IBM employee Holly Stewarts says: “I think the main thing is that it is much richer experience, a much more immersive experience.”

“If you imagine being on a traditional old-fashioned conference call, everyone picks up the phone dials in, writing e-mail at the same time. It is quite hard to know whose turn it is to talk.

“When you have a real life meeting, people will gather around the water coolers or the coffee machine, before the meeting after the meeting. People will form small groups just chat and network, it is much more like we do as human beings in real life, ” she adds.

A text version of the article is available on the BBC site, including a link to the video version of the show (the discussion on metaverses starts at 9:35).  Worth a look if you are still struggling with why IBM and others think that Second Life and other metaverses are worth investigation (and investment).