Vote for your favourite Lotus blogger of 2010

Voting for the PlanetLotus Blogger of the Year award is open: Lotus Blogger of the Year The premise is simple, vote for your favorite blogger of 2010. The winner will be announced at BALD in Orlando and tweeted to the world. To vote: 1. Register or login to myPL 2. Go to *The voting […]

The time has come

It’s been an interesting few months on PlanetLotus. We’ve had Design Partners telling us that Notes is dead, crazy ASW blog titles just to attain short-lived ‘Hot Blog’ status, explosions! of! exclamation! marks! and rather too much community infighting for anyone’s good.  I’m not saying that I’m innocent either, there have been times when I’ve […]

The PlanetLotus effect

Volker has been having fun with PlanetLotus over the past day or so, pointing out in the comments that: People tend to follow the herd. Large numbers lead to larger numbers, or in a swarm effect: more fish. And “more fish” does matter, since you are not writing this for yourself, or do you? A […]

One for the ASWs…

I had no idea that the Planet Lotus site kept such great statistics on the blogs and tweets that it monitors: Yancy has provided options to sort by almost all the columns, including by number of posts, frequency of posts, Twitter tweets, recent and total previews.  Very impressive, and very interesting results too.  It seems […]