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T’was ten years ago… (Lotus Connections & Quickr)

Unfortunately I’ve just missed the actual anniversary, but I thought it worth celebrating that this week marks a decade since the announcement (on 22nd January 2007) of two products that have had an immense impact on my working life, Lotus IBM Connections and Lotus Quickr.

19 months on – IBM upgrades to Quickr

Lotus Quickr 8.0 shipped on 27th June 2007. On Monday (26th January 2009) Chris Pepin posted the following: Quickr Upgrade For the past five years, IBM has provided an extranet Quickplace service to allow external customers and partners to collaborate with IBM employees on various projects   Quickr has replaced Quickplace and offers a host […]

Competition for Quickr?

In searching for some info on Lotus Quickr this morning, I came across this sponsored ad: A couple of things sprang to mind: 1) I haven’t come across many Google Adwords ads that are so directly for a competitive product.  It’s an interesting strategy, that I am sure produces variable results.  Perhaps getting Lotus Notes/Quickr/Connections […]