Enterprise Innovation and Technology Adoption Guide

Enterprise Innovation and Technology Adoption Guide
An IBM Redguide publication

This IBM Redguide publication provides a strategic overview of the IBM Chief Information Officer’s Technology Adoption Program (TAP) within the IBM Corporation. It also provides a detailed description of the process management framework that supports the program.

TAP FrameworkThis guide is for organizations that are considering the deployment of a similar program. It highlights the key internal organizational factors that contribute to the success of TAP, as well as the extent to which the program takes advantage of the new collaborative community environment and technologies that are associated with the trends toward Web 2.0.

Taking advantage of Web 2.0 style community dynamics is key to the success of the TAP. The TAP strategy focuses on supporting community dynamics within IBM. In this guide, we highlight the importance of understanding what this support means within an Enterprise 2.0 context.

An excellent insight into how IBM tests software in an early deployment program. Well worth a read!

Redbooks – a revival

Greg Engels informs us that ‘Redbooks are back!‘:

There is a residency open for writing the “Self Assessment and Strategy Guide for Migrating from Domino Document Manager, LO-DD09-R01”, it is scheduled to run three weeks onsite in Cambridge, MA and three weeks remote with some time in-between to catch up on the work. It is lead by John Bergland who is an excellent project leader and has co-authored countless lotus Redbooks including the one that we were writing two years ago.

So real residencies are back – 3 weeks onsite in Cambridge, MA, and 3 weeks remote (or ‘virtual’).  That makes so much more sense – starting such a large piece of work using just a series of web conferences was next to impossible, whereas working face-to-face for 3 weeks to get the project underway then completing on an individual/remote basis will work just fine.

Thanks for listening, IBM…

40 years of IBM Redbooks

I missed this press release last week:

IBM ITSO Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Providing Free “IBM Redbooks”

IBM today is reaffirming a continued investment in producing the popular IBM Redbooks series, as part of its recognition of the 40th anniversary of the International Technical Support Organization (ITSO).
The ITSO develops and delivers skills, technical know-how, and materials to IBM technical professionals, business partners, customers, and the IT marketplace in general. This includes responsibility for producing the free Redbooks publications, which are chock full of up-to-date technical content on IBM products, solutions, and services.

“We’re proud to continue a tradition of giving users instant access to critical information for their business,” said Jackie Olson, Program Director for the ITSO at IBM. “Creating and distributing this information for free, on a global basis, is the cornerstone of our commitment to the marketplace.”

As one of the most visited pages on the IBM Web site, www.ibm.com/redbooks provides learning resources to help users solve problems, maximize their investments, and download timely technical assistance.

The ITSO started in 1968 as a way to connect U.S.-based development labs with IBM international sales locations. These locations had found it difficult to gain access to key information about products and could not ensure that the requirements of non-U.S. IBM divisions were being considered by the development labs. To address the situation, the IBM ITSO created a series of technical documents, which soon became known as IBM Redbooks.

Since then, the ITSO has expanded its offerings to include Redpapers, Technotes and workshops. The ITSO also produces marketing and sales enablement content such as brochures, case studies, executive briefs, white papers, and client references. Additionally, the ITSO manages the IBM Press™ commercial publishing program.

“Over 4,800 Redbooks have been produced and over 1600 people, from around the world, have worked for the ITSO in the numerous centers that we have created,” Olson said. “The number of downloads of Redbooks is in the tens of millions, which is quite a change from the days of copying thousands of pages and mailing the Redbooks every month to our international locations.”

Congratulations to all the team at the ITSO – I hope their valuable work on the Redbooks and workshops continues for many years to come!