Image:The "StuFeed"

The “StuFeed”

As you may have spotted, I have a few blogs to my name – they seem to reproduce without me noticing…  As a result of requesting feedback from readers  on the other blogs recently, I’ve had some really interesting conversations about why this is, and whether it is a good idea (particularly with Mitch – thanks!).

Currently either individually or as part of a team I post to the following blogs:

This may seem a bit barmy at times, but there are good reasons for this.  The Quickr, Connections and WCM blogs are all single-topic sites focused around the products themselves – these are designed to be central points of focus for news/tips/fixes/announcements on these products and are generally very positive places and keep reasonably “on-topic”.  At times I may have issues with aspects of the products themselves but I feel that these are best kept to the forums and offline conversations rather than on the blogs themselves.  I would hope that you could all recommend the blogs to Lotus newbies and customers/prospects without fear that they would see anything negative about the products.

That leaves me with a lot of other ideas for posts that are:

  • related to other Lotus products such as Notes/Domino, Sametime or Portal
  • of a “less positive nature” (the Redbooks issue comes to mind)
  • have nothing to do with Lotus technologies…

These go on this blog (Collaboration Matters!) and hopefully folks are beginning to know that this site is here…

Lastly, I do blog on my company’s blog along with others from Morpheus.  Whilst a lot of the content on there will be mine, it is definitely not my blog to own, and I am sure will gradually take on a life of its own…

Therefore I do think that there is good reason for the multiple blogs, and will keep them separate for the foreseeable future at least.  There are occasionally cross-posts where topic is relevant to more than one audience (e.g. events, major releases etc,), however I do try to keep these to a minimum.

So, why the post and the slightly bizarre title?

To save you good folks from having to subscribe (or visit) multiple blogs each day in order to catch up on the latest news from this strange corner of the ‘Net, I have created a new consolidated feed of all the unique posts from the 5 blogs mentioned above – “The StuFeed”!  This will have a chronological list of all the new posts from the blogs, with any posts with the same titles only listed once.  Hopefully  this should make life easier for those that do subscribe to more than one of the existing feeds.  Let me know what you think…

Image:The "StuFeed" The StuFeed

P.S.  I used YahooPipes to do the feed consolidation – what a great tool, and very easy to learn/use. I’ll blog about how this is done.
P.P.S. I know that “The StuFeed” is a naff name – can you think of anything better?!?