The Collaboration Diner – an Introduction

Anyone that follows me on Twitter will have seen that this week has been rather dominated by a single topic, The Collaboration Diner, and was brought to you by the hashtag #cbdiner 😉 So I hear you cry, what is The Collaboration Diner? Many of you, especially those in North America, will be aware of […]

Learning from competition

Marco Arment, creator of Instapaper, writes on the correct way to deal with competition: Reacting well to competition requires critical analysis of your own product and its shortcomings, and a complete, open-minded understanding of why people might choose your competitors. They’re not fanboys. They’re not brainwashed by “marketing”. Your competitors’ customers aren’t passing on your […]

So Lo Mo

Sandy Carter outlines IBM’s plans for LeWeb ’11 next week: Social, Local, Mobile.   I like that…

UK IBMers and bloggers share perspectives on Social Business

Good friends Jon Mell, Ofer Guetta and Jon Machtynger join with key UK-based bloggers to discuss Social Business: Leading UK bloggers Chris Turner (Springwise), David Terrar (Biz Two Zero), Matt Alder (Recruiting Futurology), David Cushman (Faster Future) and Johnnie Moore (The Johnnie Moore Weblog) come together with IBM experts Jon Mell, Jon Machtynger and Alex […]

How are you approaching User Adoption? Please take the Survey!

Many of you will be aware that I work on occasion with Michael Sampson, esteemed Collaboration Strategist and author of ‘User Adoption Strategies’ and the upcoming ‘Collaboration Roadmap’.  Michael and I have also submitted an abstract for Lotusphere 2012, but that’s a topic for another post. Michael has previously surveyed business users on the use […]

IBM Demonstrating Social in Action

Just uploaded today, these are terrific demos… First up, Suzanne Livingston demonstrating IBM Connections 3.0.1: Then, even more impressively, Jason Dumont showing off the upcoming Social Mail functionality, due to ship in 2012: Whilst Social Mail has been shown off at various conferences, LUGs and customer briefings over the past few months, it is fantastic […]

3 keys to consider for social business

Terrific new competitive Social Business presentation video by IBM’s Louis Richardson: Louis, this is awesome. Thank you. (Louis also appeared on last week’s This Week in Lotus podcast explaining his role and Social Business. Well worth a listen!)

World Map of Social Networks

Interesting stats: (Click to enlarge – from Infographics) My comments: 1.        Clearly Facebook is currently dominant, though I’d be interested to see how many accounts LinkedIn has in total.   2.        Also, sites like Habbo, Mixi and Renren are almost unknown in Western Europe. 3.        I […]

Deloitte: The missing link in social software: Measurable business performance improvements

Super new research from Deloitte: Senior executives are skeptical of the value of social software. Their reluctance is understandable but self-defeating. Deloitte Center for the Edge’s paper, “Social Software for Business Performance” discusses how companies can leverage social software to significantly enhance business performance in the short-term and transform it in the long-term. Early adopters […]

Why be Social?

Upcoming IBM ‘Why Be Social?’ social business webcast, featuring Sandy Carter: Just as the dawn of e-business changed business forever, ten years later organizations find themselves at another junction point in the evolution of business: the coming of age for Social Business as social computing and social media are integrated into enterprise design. Social Businesses […]

The potential for surprise

I just adore this post by Dan Woods on, entitled IBM’s Strategy to Manufacture Social Networking Surprises: The news feed from Facebook or LinkedIn is one of the first ways people encounter surprising information that expands understanding. You might see that someone in your network is having a party, getting married, or has gotten […]

Jive launch the “New Way’ for business

Whilst many will know Collaboration Matters as being Lotus Connections specialists, we have a number of relationships with other vendors in the Social Collaboration space, including SocialText, Jive and Atlassian. This week in the Enterprise2.0 conference in Boston, and many of the vendors are planning big announcements over the next few days.  e.g. IBM has […]

What if work was SOCIAL again?

Whilst Collaboration Matters is best known as a Lotus partner, and for our work on Lotus Connections specifically, its worth restating that we are focused on social collaboration adoption, not on one particular vendor’s tools. To that end, we are also a partner of Jive software, and love the work they are doing with their […]

How IBM Uses Social Media to Spur Employee Innovation

Now here’s a great case-study… The Social Media Examiner takes an in-depth and very appealing look at IBM’s social media strategy, and is surprised at what it finds: “Be yourself.”  It’s one of the rules of social media. If you’re blogging, tweeting or Facebooking for business, be real—or you won’t be followed. Yet, how do […]

Gartner: “By 2014, social networking services will replace e-mail”

Interesting statements from Gartner (and yes, I was being selective when I grabbed that quote): Gartner Reveals Five Social Software Predictions for 2010 and Beyond Analysts Share Best Practices for Embracing Social Networking at Gartner Portals, Content and Collaboration Summit 2010, 9-11 March in Baltimore and 15-16 September in London STAMFORD, Conn., February 2, 2010 […]