TDI to be based on Eclipse??

Really sorry if I am late to the party on this, but I just spotted an interesting session on this LCTY Norway event agenda (linked to by Ed Brill yesterday):

TDI now based on Eclipse!
Eddie Hartmann, IBM

Got TDI? If not then this is your chance to see this amazing connectivity powertool in action. It’s bundled with Domino 8 and can help you keep Domino/Notes tightly wired into your infrastructure, whether you need to sync user changes from ActiveDirectory, or move data to and from databases or datamarts, or web services (SOAP, REST, ATOM/APP), or files; or deploy systems like Connections, Mashup Center or Identity Manager. Members of the Tivoli Directory Integrator development team will present the newest Eclipse-based version and answer questions.

This is first I’ve heard of the TDI product moving to Eclipse and is really exciting news – the existing TDI client is somewhat ‘esoteric’ in its UI, so moving to a standard Eclipse platform front-end will be really great.

From some basic searching it seems as though the new version will be TDI 7.0 (the current release is 6.1.1). There is no announcement letter for this TDI 7.0, but there is a technote detailing the platform support that will be available. The TDI product pages do not mention any version details, neither does the data sheet.  Therefore I can only assume that 7.0 isn’t available yet – if anyone knows different please let me know!

Also, it will be interesting to see if Lotus Connections 2.5 will ship with TDI 7.0, and indeed whether this new version will be part of the entitlement for Domino 8.5 too.