UKLUG wrapup

Tuck this UKLUG away as another “how the heck did they do that??” event. Community-organised, community-delivered and community-presented (with a few notable exceptions – thanks Ed!), UKLUG 2008 was a hugely impressive two day affair.  Held in a beautiful and historic building (Church House, home of the Church of England General Synod ad war-time location […]

ILUG is nearly over… Next stop, UKLUG ;-)

Never one to let the dust settle, Paul Mooney reports that UK Lotus User Group (UKLUG) registration has just opened: The United Kingdom Lotus User Group is holding its annual event on September 18-19 in the Church House Conference centre (near Westminster Abbey), London.  Registration has just opened and spaces are limited. RUN… Don’t walk. […]