Web2.0 goes to work, except in the Notes client!

Sorry, that title is a bit of a cheap shot, but this has been nagging at me for a while, and I finally had to say something… Lotus has been dealing with Web2.0 technology for what, a minimum of 18 months – 2 years?  Blogs and wikis have been around for 5 years+, yes? So […]

IBM Web Highlights – new Web2.0 note-taking app…

This came through the mail today: Looked interesting, as I have always had a problem working out the best method of taking and sharing notes from meetings.  So, to the application: Not really had a chance to have a proper play, but it seems to tick all the boxes….  Will report back later in more […]

Lotus Web2.0 Developer Kit

This looks to be a useful package of information to digest, or to pass onto your developer teams: Lotus Web 2.0 Developer kit Putting Web 2.0 to work 27 Nov 2007 Ideas plus collaboration equal innovation. It’s a simple formula, but how do you leverage ideas and how do you better enable collaboration in your […]