A view on WebSphere

The BBC interviews Donald Ferguson, now of CA Technologies: What’s the biggest technology mistake you ever made – either at work or in your own life? When I was at IBM, I started a product called Websphere [which helps companies to operate and integrate business applications across multiple computing platforms]. Because I had come from […]

Resetting Websphere security

Another WebSphere Application Server (WAS) tip… If you, ahem, forget your WAS Admin password, then you will be locked out from your Websphere console, and won’t be able to stop the WAS server.  A bit of a bind I can tell you… Well, fortunately this can be rectified as long as you have access to […]

WebSphere not starting after a reboot?

If you are running on Windows, and WAS 6.x refuses to start after a reboot, giving a Windows 7204 event and a message similar to: Timed out waiting for service to respond to command, after 60 seconds then check the user the service is running under.  On certain systems (particularly if IPv6 is installed I […]