Beyond Xpages

Beyond Domino development?

Peter Presnell of Red Pill on the future of Domino development ‘Beyond XPages‘:

That made me wonder…. why would IBM suddenly only provide a commitment to fix-packs instead of taking the opportunity to remain committed to a new release, something customers and the community continue to push for? I may be wrong, but I suspect that having already gone three years without a release, should IBM decide to have a 9.0.2 release of Notes/Domino, this could potentially reset the clock for how long IBM would be obligated to support Notes/Domino moving forward. I am sure they will ultimately determine an appropriate length of support once it is clear to customers there are no new releases coming, but they probably want to leave as much wiggle room (legally) as they can. After all, they do employ one or two lawyers!

Back in March I suggested that new ICS GM Inhi Cho Suo was likely to make significant changes to the direction of ICS. The Road Map presented at Engage also was missing any reference to Notes/Domino Next. Perhaps a faster end for Notes, Domino, and XPages is part of that change.

Really insightful thoughts on where XPages and Domino stand as technologies, how far they’ve dropped beyond the latest releases of their supported frameworks, and where enterprise customers should invest their development budget for the future.  No guarantees that Peter’s assumptions are 100% correct, but I do think he’s barking up the right tree…

Get Social. Build Apps. But first, Get Educated!

Some super ‘on demand’ webcasts from IBM.  Definitely worth watching if you want to transfer your development skills to the Social Business arena:

IBM Social Business Application Development Webcasts

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  • The Social Application Model- Charlie Hill, Social Business CTO at IBM Collaboration Solutions, describes how social tools integrate with enterprise applications in the social application model.  Learn about the starting points, common technologies, and social integration points that are the building blocks for social business applications.
  • Building Mobile and Social Applications- Philippe Riand, Application Development Architect at IBM Collaboration Solutions will describe how to build mobile and social applications using IBM Web Experience Factory, IBM Rational Application Developer and Domino XPages.
  • Panel discussion on XPages, Web, Mobile and Cloud Applications – Multi-channel Web Experiences, Social Application in the Cloud, Xpages / Social Business Toolkit, Social Business wrap-up / What’s next.

Social Business Application Development webcasts will guide clients and partners in adding social capabilities to their business applications to capitalize on the collective intelligence from people and social networks.

Don’t miss these exciting webcasts created just for application development professionals.

Featuring Charlie Hill, Philippe Riand, Gopal Gupta, Pete Janzen, Adam Ginsburg, Tyler Tribe and Dwight Morse these webcasts are an excellent way to get started with application development for Social Business.

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$5.5 billion

We estimate the total market potential for the Transformer to be roughly $18.0 billion, of which we believe GBS’s realizable market could be roughly $5.5 billion. The bulk of this potential revenue would have little cost associated, as it incurs little cost on IBM sales and primarily just programmer cost on applications it transforms.

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