The phrase ‘User Adoption‘ is one that has picked up in terms of use over the past couple of years.

Whether on a client site, at conferences or seminars, or simply on the web it is clear that Social Business projects are definitely not solely about the technology.  Through real word experience and through talking to customers that have attempted to deploy technology themselves it is clear that a large number of Social Business and Collaboration projects are stuck.

In most organisations it is relatively easy to get the ‘First Wavers’ (those that quickly and actively embrace new collaboration technologies) on board with a technology-led project.  However, the issue comes in getting beyond the first wave adopters to the second wave adopters – the majority of business users, workers and executives.  This is essential to drive better business performance.

However, those ‘second wavers’ are likely to be less capable of making the leap from seeing the technology to understanding how it can help them accomplish their work better.  Therefore they need leadership, assistance and support to help them understand the nature of their own work, the value of social and collaboration platforms, and most importantly, how their work can be improved by using the tools that are being made available.

In almost every situation, what is required is not a ‘one-hit’ piece of training or consultancy, but instead a steady stream of education, assistance and nurturing to enable all those involved to generate the additional productivity or performance possible.

Therefore I tend to work with both the Second Wavers themselves and those responsible for training, adoption and user management within the organisation to design and deliver a User Adoption strategy that will operate over a 18-month to 3-year period to ensure the success of the Collaboration or Social Business tools within the organisation.

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