And for once I was right… (new Macs)

New iMacs:

New options in 24″ display version, larger drives, new NVIDIA graphics and iLife 09.  All good stuff, but price (in the UK) now almost 50% higher (WHAT!) 949GBP – 1,799GBP.  Was 699GBP – 1,200GBP ish before. To put it in perspective, I bought a 24″ 3.06GHz version for just over 1000GBP 10 months ago – this model is now 1,799GBP!!

New Mac Pros:

New Intel CPUs and chipset, new NVIDIA graphics, new display options (Mini DisplayPort) – models at 1,899GBP and 2,499GBP here.

New Mac Minis:

New NVIDIA graphics, new aluminium enclosure, lower power requirements, faster Core2Duo CPUs, and iLife09 – models at 499GBP (2.0GHz, 120GB, 1GB) and 649GBP (2.0GHz, 320GB, 2GB).


New Time Capsule and Extreme base stations.

So, interesting new models, but…  What a price hike!!! I know the $:GBP exchange rate has gone downhill in the past 6 months, but in these economic times can Apple really push for a near 50% price rise??

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