Announcement: Collaboration Matters Bring Comprehensive Enterprise 2.0 Social Collaboration Suite to Lotus Domino

This morning’s press release in full.


Collaboration Matters Bring Comprehensive Enterprise 2.0 Social Collaboration Suite to Lotus Domino

The ‘Knowledge Network’ was developed in partnership with Oak Ridge Business Solutions and delivers the first integrated suite of social and knowledge sharing tools to the Lotus Domino platform.

LOTUSPHERE, ORLANDO, FL. January 17, 2010 –
Collaboration Matters ( today announced it has launched the Knowledge Network (K-Net) solution, bringing a broad suite of social collaboration and knowledge sharing tools to the Lotus Domino platform.

Focusing on the management of information, knowledge sharing and collaboration the Knowledge Network promotes and enables an effective knowledge networking environment.  It empowers knowledge workers to develop and nurture relations with a network of their colleagues; react and respond to business opportunities by calling on the knowledge and skills of their network; discuss and refine new ideas with communities of colleagues, partners, and customers; and to maximise the value of the shared knowledge held within the organisation.

The Knowledge Network is 100% web-based and is ideally suited as an intranet environment or to complement existing intranet environments. The solution can be provided either as an on-premise implementation or externally hosted as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering.  It is supported on Lotus Domino 7, 8 and 8.5 platforms and on a wide variety of browsers and client operating systems.

Built and delivered through a two-year-long strategic partnership between Collaboration Matters and Oak Ridge Business Solutions, the features included in the Knowledge Network are based on feedback from existing clients using previous versions of features within the suite:

“In our global business the power of the Knowledge Network allows us to have a central point where all our knowledge can be stored and shared. People can go here for all critical support information which allows us to operate on a common platform across diverse communities.”

— Mike Singer, European Knowledge Manager, BP

Collaboration Matters has extensive experience of planning, deploying and supporting existing social software solutions from IBM and other vendors, and has discerned the requirement for an offering that delivers many of their features whilst being based on Lotus Domino.  

Collaboration Matters’ Technical Director, Stuart McIntyre commented “The benefits of deploying and using social software have been clearly justified for organisations and individuals alike.  Technologies such as social profiles, dynamic communities, micro-blogging, bookmarking and file-sharing are here to stay.  The Knowledge Network brings these features to the Domino platform for the first time as an integrated and easily-deployable suite, delivering the value of social collaboration to more than 100 million Domino users worldwide”.

Oak Ridge’s Executive Chairman, Andre van Zyl commented “We are excited to launch this new release of the Knowledge Network. It incorporates the feedback and suggestions from our customers, addressing the requirements for knowledge sharing, using social networking technology. We are delighted to work with Collaboration Matters to take the Knowledge Network to market.”

About Collaboration Matters

Collaboration Matters is one of the UK’s leading social software consultancies, offering both technology-based solutions and sound business and cultural change management. We aim to deliver intelligent, elegant, social IT solutions internally within small businesses, knowledge-focused corporations, education and not-for-profit organisations.  For more information, visit

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Oak Ridge Business Solutions, founded in 2006, are at the forefront of redefining the way knowledge is managed and have delivered a number of global Customer Relationship and Knowledge Management solutions that provide tangible business insight for our clients.  For more information, visit

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