Apple battery life – a rebuttal

Volker blogged recently about battery life on his Macbook – in particular noting that after 223 cycles, his battery is down to 16% of capacity.

I’ve just checked by 17″ Mac Book Pro’s battery, and I’m on an almost identical number of charge cycles, but over a shorter period (just 9 months) – this is my all day/every day machine.

coconutBattery 2.6.3

As you can see, my battery is still at 95% of original capacity – I reckon that is pretty good considering the hard use that my machine gets.

As Volker has now noted, it seems that Apple views his battery as sub-standard and is replacing it free of charge, which seems about right.  For now, I’m digging the battery life of my machine.  Would I trade a replaceable battery for a longer-life fixed battery, yeah I probably would, but as always, I’ve leave it to the real early-adopters to find out!

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