Based in Russia? Want to find out more about LotusLive?

Are you based in Russia, or more specifically, Moscow?

Want to find out more about LotusLive?  This half-day event could be just what you need:

IBM LotusLive: Smarter collaboration in the cloud

This half day briefing introduces cloud computing and explains how Software as a Service (SaaS) is part of this initiative. IBM has developed a brand called LotusLive that delivers collaboration services in the IBM cloud. We will go through the details and highlight competitive differences with other prominent cloud service providers.

The intended audience for this briefing is business leaders, business analysts and architects who want to learn more about cloud and SaaS and who want to investigate the collaborative services offered by LotusLive.

To enroll, select the desired date and location. There is no charge to attend.

12 May 2010 , Moscow, Russia

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