Apple Timelapse 1996-2016

Timelapse of 20 years of From the launch of the site in 1996 (Powerbooks and Mac OS 8) through to the iPhone 7 of today.

Safari 9 Responsive Design Mode

Do you host a site or platform that you need to make available to a wide range of desktop and mobile devices, including those Apple iThings running iOS9? Then you need to check out Safari’s Responsive Design Mode (found in the Develop menu in Safari 9 for the Mac).  Take a look at this (video courtesy […]

Managing Macs at Google Scale

Google has one of the largest managed fleets of Macintosh computers in the world. With tens of thousands of assets to manage and an ever-changing security landscape, the organization has had to develop many of its own tools to effectively maintain its fleet and keep its end-users safe and productive. Macintosh Operations is the internal […]

Get it while you can: 1Password for iOS

Most folks that know me well know that I am a huge fan of 1Password, the cross-platform app from AgileBits that allows passwords to be generated, stored and made available across your entire computing estate: 1Password is a password manager that goes beyond simple password storage by integrating directly with your web browser to automatically log […]

Imagining a 13-inch iPad Pro

Great piece by Rene Ritchie of The minute Apple launches one hotly rumored device, be it the iPad Air or Retina iPad mini, a new rumored device races up to take its place in the mill. Enter a 13-inch “iPad Pro” – a concept that leapt to every geek’s mind the moment they heard […]

Upgrading to Mountain Lion?

If you’re thinking of upgrading your Mac to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, here are a few tips: Read Jon Siracusa’s incredible 24 page review of the new release Check that your Mac is compatible Check that your key apps are compatible If you run VMWare Fusion, get the Tech Preview If you run Skype, […]

Slideshare goes HTML5, and the push for simplicity

An announcement from Slideshare: As part of our transition to HTML5, we are pleased to let you know that embedded presentations are now Flash-free. We have also made several other improvements to our embed code: Embedded presentations can be viewed on iOS devices New features in embedded presentations will be updated dynamically The embed code […]

‘Not as cool’

Bloomberg reports: Samsung Electronics Co. won a legal ruling after a U.K. judge said its Galaxy tablets aren’t “cool” enough to be confused with Apple Inc.’s iPad. The design for three Galaxy tablets doesn’t infringe Apple’s registered design, Judge Colin Birss said today in London in a court fight between the world’s two biggest makers […]