Collaborate with me!

collaboratewith.meI remember the ‘good old days’ when if you wanted to get in touch with someone there was typically one phone number, one email address, and if that person was particularly forward, one web site.  In this era of Web2.0/Social sites and mobile devices, that is definitely no longer the case.  

I have at least 10 web sites of my own, plus profiles on probably 50+ social sites, and it’s really difficult to a) keep tabs on these myself, and b) make them available to others. I’m sure that there is some Web2.0 site out there that does this for me, but I haven’t found it yet.  

Therefore I’ve decided to use a dormant domain,, to host a simple site that lists all my numbers, profiles and social IDs.  I’ll then link through as the destination URL for all the ‘about me’ pages I have around the ‘Net.  That way I just have one site I need to update on a regular basis.

So, if you want to hook up in the future, particularly before and during Lotusphere, then come CollaborateWithMe!

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