Comparing the LotusLive offerings

LotusLive is not a single service offering, but instead is a suite of complimentary cloud-based offerings that brings together Software as a Service (SaaS) and hosted applications.  

In many cases, these offerings had been available previously under different names which can occasionally lead to some confusion!  From the LotusLive Engage (formerly Bluehouse) social collaboration platform, through LotusLive Notes (formerly IBM Hosted Notes) hosted email solution to the LotusLive Meetings (formerly Sametime Unyte) high-volume web conferencing service, LotusLive is designed to be a brand that brings together IBM Lotus’ end-user-focused online services.

To make things easier, there is now a simple chart describing the major features of each LotusLive offering, along with pricing information and details on whether trial versions are available:

LotusLive comparison
(click to enlarge)

Hopefully this should make it easier to see where each piece fits, especially with the launch today of LotusLive Connections – as the chart shows, this can be thought of as LotusLive Engage minus the web conferencing and forms and charts functionality.  There, that was easy!

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