Cultural Change Management is key in any Social Business project.

Technology, even when well-delivered and well-adopted, is just an enabler to allow an organisation (or community) to transition to working in a different manner to it did previously.  After all, if nothing changes, then nothing has been gained!

The transformation that many organisations are looking for is a shift toward ‘Open Business‘, an increased opennesss of conversation, collaboration and information-sharing.  Where knowledge workers can adopt and embrace a more open, public, trustworthy and transparent manner of collaborating and sharing their knowledge.

This shift will undoubtedly require education, program management, executive sponsorship, issue resolution and most of all, a commitment to cultural change.  Stuart’s role in such projects is to work with those teams and individuals responsible for culture, communication and working practices within the organisation or community to ensure that this aspect is properly thought-through and managed well throughout the transformation.

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