Darren Adams, presenter extraordinaire…

Having recently tried the podcasting technology for the first time, I have suddenly gained a huge respect for those who dare to step in front of the camera – the need to speak coherently, ontopic and ‘without repetition, hesitation or deviation’ really isn’t as easy as it looks.

Well good friend <a href="http://blog.collaborationmatters.com/blog/cmblog.nsf/dx/http://dadams.co.uk“>Darren Adams (UKISA Sales Lead for Notes&Domino, Sametime, Quickr etc.) has been asked to do just that by ZDnet, and to present a 3-4 minute whiteboard talk on Unified Communications and Collaboration, all without mentioning any IBM product names.  Quite a challenge:

The first of mine hit the web today, so you can see me talking about Unified Communications and Collaboration. I wasn’t allowed to mention IBM Lotus Sametime or IBM Lotus Notes 8, but obviously a lot of what I talk about pertains to these two products.

I optimistically thought the recording session was going to be easy – after all, the videos were supposed to be just 3 – 4 minutes long. I do so many presentations and stand-up routines that I don’t usually think about it, I just stand up, open my mouth and some sort of verbal auto-pilot takes over. This was a different kettle of aquatic life – I wonder if writing a script that I tried to stick to hampered me rather than helping me. But with a bit of editing it worked out okay.

Image:Darren Adams, presenter extraordinaire...

Anyway, see what you think… and stay tuned for the other three which will be just as much fun.

Go take a look – I think it turned out really well.  Excellent work Darren.  Can’t wait to see Brendan’s videos soon.

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