Does Notes break the W3C standard for web links?

As you have probably spotted, I use Domino Blog for my blogs.  When composing a post, I add any links using Create/Hotspot/Link Hotspot.  Now I am not 100% sure that this the recommended approach, but it does the job nicely, and saves hand-coding them.

However, when sorting out some RSS feed validation issues this morning I noticed that the links added are not enclosed in double quotes, e.g.:
Feed Validator Results:

It is my belief that hrefs should always be enclosed, and the W3C page relating to this tag seems to suggest this too – if only by example rather than by specification.

So what do you think folks? Is this down to a misuse of Create/Hotspot/Link Hotspot on my behalf, should Notes be adding the quotes whatever, or is their use discretionary as far as the standard goes?  I’d be interested in your feedback.

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