Domino Internet Site documents and SSO – is it really this difficult?

OK, this one bit me on the bum today (and many thanks to Chris Whisonant for his assistance), so I figured I ought to see whether anyone else feels this is a bit daft…

With Domino, you have two means of configuring web servers:

  1. In the server document itself, using the HTTP and Domino Web Engine tabs under Internet Protocols (each server has one, and only one, web site hosted on it)
  2. Using Internet Site documents, by enabling “Load Internet configurations from ServerInternet Sites documents:” in the Basics tab in the server document and then creating an Internet Site document for each site you want to host (multiple web sites or URLs can be managed very flexibly).

Now given the choice, I always plump for the latter, it is more flexible, more granular and is very well suited to Web App servers and blog servers.

However, as you probably are aware by now, Sametime and Quickr DO NOT support Internet Site documents right now – I’m not going to go into the whys and wherefores of this right now, its just a fact that they don’t.  

So therefore, most reasonably complex Domino environments will have a mixture of Internet Sites and Server Document-configured Domino web servers.  This is reasonably easy to deal with and shouldn’t cause too much heartache.

Unless you want to do Multiple Server SSO (single sign-on) across your Domino infrastructure…


Because in the Web SSO Configuration Document there is an either-or field – “Organisation Name”.  If you are are using Internet Site documents, this must be set to the Organization Name you have used in those documents.  If you are using Server Documents, it must be left blank. The tooltip when filling out the Web SSO document helpfully tells the admin this in very wordy terms, whilst the Admin Help itself does not mention that this is the case.

This seems to work as described (at least based on my tests today), but obviously presents a real issue when you’d like to have one SSO config that covers all your servers – Domino, Sametime and Quickr.

So, my wonderful readers, have you hit this? if so, how did you overcome it? I’d love to know…

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