Domino/Quickr/Sametime certificates issue – first Q&A call recording posted

Hopefully everyone that is responsible for Lotus Domino, Quickr or Sametime servers is now aware of the imminent SSL certificate expiration issue.  If not, you need to get up to speed ASAP – the certificates expire on May 18th, that’s next Monday folks.

There are a series of IBM ‘open mic’ Q&A calls taking place this week to answer any queries surrounding the issue.  The first two took place yesterday, the last one is at 12:00EDT today, that’s 5pm UK time.  So if you have any questions outstanding, you need to get on that call.

Chris Miller did a great job of providing a transcript from the first of these calls, and IBM has now published an MP3 recording of the same call.  If you weren’t on the calls yesterday, I recommend reviewing this recording – a lot of very useful information was shared.

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