DWA support for Mac – why no presence awareness?

Another gotcha on the Mac.

Is Lotus Domino Web Access (iNotes Web Access) supported on the Macintosh operating system (OS)?
DWA 8.x:
DWA 8.x is supported on the MacOS starting with DWA release 8.0.

DWA 7.x:
DWA 7.x is supported on the MacOS starting with DWA release 7.0.2.

Mozilla Firefox is the supported browser.


There are no plans for DWA to support the Macintosh Safari browser.

Whilst this is an issue for many Mac users, I can understand it as a limitation of the Safari browser, and hopefully will be resolved sometime soon.


Please note that when the DWA client runs on Macintosh, neither off-line capabilities (Domino Off-Line Services, local archive, off-line access) nor integrated Sametime capabilities are included. Sametime awareness and chat are provided by the Sametime Java Connect client, outside of the context of the DWA client.

So, if you’re on a Mac and you want to use DWA, there is no way to get the integrated Sametime awareness.  This is a shocker, particularly given that Sametime presence awareness is supported in Quickr on the Mac platform.

I’ve done some digging re: Domino 8.5 and the newly renamed iNotes functionality and cannot see any evidence that this situation will change soon.  Have I missed something, I do hope so!

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