Event ID Wiki

Originally posted this about a month ago, but just realied it was only in draft, Doh!

I am lucky to have quite a techie family, with even the parents and in-laws pretty up to speed with things technical. And don’t get me started with my kids 😛  

However, despite his slightly strange liking for Microsoft technology, my brother-in-law Matt is probably the most hands-on of us all.  So much so, that he’s started a site trying to help folks diagnose issues with their Windows servers:

I’m trying to build a Wiki for information about Event ID’s on Windows Servers.  The idea is to list out event ID’s and possible fixes/solutions to them.  ie Things people have tried and worked, or links to KB articles on the events.  If this sounds a little confusing, have a look at the site and hopefully it should be obvious from the pages I have already created. 
I’ve only just set it up and have only have a couple of pages on it at the moment.  I will put more on it over time but it could do with more than just me adding pages (that’s the idea of a wiki I suppose).
So, I am trying to get the message out there, and hopefully start to build up some useful info on the site.
The site is http://www.eventidwiki.com

This has already proved to be a useful resource for me when I had an issue with a Quickr/Win2003 VM last week, and will only get better as more folks use and contribute to it.  There is also a blog attached to the site so have a read and see whether you have any content to add.

Good luck with the site, Matt.

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