First Lotusphere preview appears, some good hints on what might be announced

ComputerWorld Australia has a really nice write-up of some of the themes that might be uppermost in IBM’s message at Lotusphere over the next few days:

IBM next week will spend less time at its annual Lotusphere conference introducing new products and more time upgrading and aligning the pieces of its current software portfolio with real-time communications, collaboration, social networking and composite applications.

The company’s annual Lotusphere show in Orlando (January 21-24), which has been attracting more and more attendees over the past few years after several smaller editions, will focus on educating users on 2007’s glut of new products.

So while IBM focused on the user interface in 2007 built around its common Lotus Expeditor and Eclipse frameworks, 2008 is about tying everything together on the back end.

One subtle change to help the non-Notes users grasp the message is that IBM is dropping its “composite application” term in favor of the popular Web 2.0 terms “mashup” and “widgets.”

I really like the sound of “widget” by the way 😉

Well worth reading the article in full.

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