Five Million People Around the Water-Cooler

I found myself of the IBM UK site this morning (by following a link to, but that’s a different matter), and came across this banner on the homepage:

IBM - United Kingdom

What a great headline…

Five Million People Around the Water-Cooler – How the UK public sector can harness the power of social networking

Awesome! Social software on the homepage, connected to a business that everyone can understand, sounds like a really interesting article, right?  Click through…



I think that’s a FAIL.

Note that I was signed into the site already and so it should have known I don’t have access to the Public Sector content.  Besides, why headline with an article that 95% of IBM UK customers/partners won’t be able to read? About Social Networking too!

If I find a way to access the content, I’ll let you know…


It seems one can access the white paper in PDF format here. Google is my friend 😉


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