Hoorah for IBM UK acting on feedback received

I am very pleased to bring an update on the access to the ‘Five million people around the water cooler’ article I blogged earlier this week.

If you remember, I mentioned that the IBM UK website pointed to an excellent whitepaper on Social Software in the Public Sector, but unfortunately access was denied to me (and 99% of people) as one needed to be on the Public Sector user list.

Well, I am really pleased to announce that access to that article and the rest of the UK ‘IT in the Public Sector’ papers is now open to all.  And in addition, one can get to a large selection of other IBM UK vertical-focused whitepapers on the “EasyAccess” site, including Government, Local Government, Defence, Healthcare and Education.

So, credit to those who made the change – and go take a look folks, there’s some excellent content there.

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